Friday night “Smart phone quiz”

Friday night smart phone quiz – 8:30 (every week)

Smart Phone Quizes have changed the way people approach trivia events and more notably it has enabled the traditional pub quiz to evolve into something new. By drastically reducing the amount of time given to answer each question, The Askwith Arms Smart Phone Quiz addresses the problem of cheating which has become a serious issue at traditional, slower paced quiz/trivia events. Paper and pens are replaced by tablets/smartphones, therefore, gone are the days of swapping papers to mark answers, as scores are updated real-time by the software. With John as your compere, the smart phone quiz takes what people love about traditional pen and paper quizzes, but adds a new level of energy and social interaction between players.

Ever Friday 8:30 start Families are welcome Food & drink vouchers to be won every week.

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  1. Thanks Richard for putting this website together so well. It’s a great opportunity for us, our staff and our customers to share their experiences here at The Askwith Arms, and we’d be happy to pass Richard’s details onto to any business that might be thinking of having a website of their own.

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